Jennifer McKerleyAbout Jennifer McKerley

Jennifer McKerley is a teacher and award-winning writer of children’s books. She loves to read and decided to be a writer in the fifth grade. Her family had a cotton farm in West Texas, where they had horses, sometimes pigs, a milk cow, dogs, and many cats to chase the field mice. According to rumors, money had been hidden on the land by a previous owner. Jennifer dug just enough to uncover a snake and scare herself, but the buried treasure mystery inspired the would-be author.

Later she earned a college degree and taught children and adults of all ages. She had newspaper and magazines articles published, then began writing books. Jennifer enjoys brainteasers and number and word puzzles, but she loves to write, especially children’s books.

Her book, Amazing Armadillos (Random House) was the 2010 winner for Young Readers Book, New Mexico Book Awards. Amazing Armadillos has sold more than 109,000 copies and has been printed in French and Braille.

Football, Science Behind Sports (Lucent) was the 2013 Winner for Young Adult Book in the New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards.

Jennifer has sold three fiction titles that are in pre-production stages. Two are humorous stories for ages 6-9, and one is for older readers in middle school.