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Three new fiction titles are in the works. Jennifer sold two humorous stories for 2nd and 3rd graders and a fiction title for middle school readers to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All are being illustrated and prepared for release.

Amazing Armadillos

Armadillos book coverWinner for Young Readers Book
New Mexico Book Awards 2010

Dillos jump—3’ straight up—and climb fences. They always bear quadruplets and will even share their burrow with a skunk.

This book has been translated into French and Braille.
Ages 6-9, Random House.

Kirkus Reviews: Following one female nine-banded armadillo through a year, readers will learn where this mammal lives, how she protects herself, what and how she eats and how her armor is an asset. Short sentences with pronunciation help for new vocabulary, and illustrations that support the text make this a good choice for newly independent readers.

Monster Series

Monster book coversFrightening monsters who roam the night. Fascinating beasts from the deep.
Ages 9-12, Monster Series, Kidhaven Press

Doug's Student Reference Room, July 2009: "… fun series - short books about creatures from mythology, film and television, popular culture and real life.

Swamp Monsters: 2010 Finalist, New Mexico Book Awards, Juvenile Book

The Kraken By Michael OConnor “Wordsmith,” July 2010: Younger readers interested in this sea beastie will enjoy THE KRAKEN. … well-written, nicely-illustrated … sure to please. McKerley does a good job of introducing readers to the legend and reality of krakens.

There Goes Turtle's Hat

There Goes Turtle's Hat book coverTurtle’s hat blows around the zoo until finally the big gnu offers a fun fix.

Melissa Hower. Children's Literature Comprehensive Database, January 2008: This book would be great to use when teaching about the problem and solution in a story. The book includes vibrant pictures and rhyming verse which children are sure to love. Ages 4-8, Picture Window Books


Rules of the Net

Rules of the Net book coverIf Carlos tells the truth, will his friend get mad?

Sarah Sammis. Puss Reboots, 02/04/10: Carlos, the boy with the sling, is benched because of his injury. To include him in the training, the coach asks him to keep score and watch for fouls. Carlos wants his best friend to make the starting line up for tomorrow's game but he doesn't want to fudge the score either. It is the sort of "helping hands" story that my son likes. Since it appealed to him and he's in the target age group, I'd call the book a success. 

Ages 4-8, Picture Window Books

football book coverFootball

The physics behind passing, catching (especially with eyes closed), and those bone-crushing tackles. Grades 7-10, Science Behind Sports Series, Lucent Books

2013 Winner for Young Adult Book
New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards



How to Write a Marketable Children's Book cover

Write a Marketable Children’s Book in 7 Weeks

Shirley Raye Redmond and Jennifer McKerley
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Man o’ War, Best Racehorse Ever

How a shaky colt becomes the horse of the century.
Ages, 6-9, Random House