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Write a Marketable Children’s Book
in 7 Weeks
Landgon Street Press
Shirley Raye Redmond and Jennifer McKerley

How to Break In -

Learning the craft of writing is important, but you must understand the publishing world and what makes a book marketable.

Our blog site offers a new posting each week on these topics. You’ll learn:

 - How to give a story kid appeal.
- What to do when your writing is stuck.
- What editors look for in a picture book.
- How to decipher the mysteries of the children's book market.

How to Format Manuscripts

Correct manuscript format requires double-spaced text throughout and margins 1¼ inches all around. Click below to see copies of the first two pages of some of Jennifer’s manuscripts. Notice that the format of the first page is different from the format of the second page. A great book on formatting manuscripts for a wide range of writing projects is Every Page Perfect by Mary Lynn.

adobe pdf  Manuscript Format for a Reader         adobe pdf  Format for a Longer Manuscript