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About author Jennifer McKerley

Want to know more about author Jennifer McKerley? Jennifer is a beloved teacher and award-winning author of twelve children’s books. Her latest books are  Blue Ribbons,  No Green Things and  Lone Star the Lawman (Heinemann Publishing, 2020).

Random House published Jennifer’s first children’s book Man O’War: Best Racehorse Ever, as well as Amazing Armadillos. This informative and captivating book was the 2010 winner for Young Readers Book in the New Mexico Book Awards. Also, Bank Street College of Education named Amazing Armadillos as one of the best children’s books of 2010. Amazing Armadillos has sold more than 150,000 copies and has been printed in French and Braille.

Picture Window Books published her fiction titles for ages 4-8;  There Goes Turtle’s Hat and Rules of The Net. She has written four books for the Gale-Cengage Monster Series, ages 9 and up. Her young adult title,  Football: Science Behind Sports, (Lucent), was the 2013 Winner for Young Adult Book in the AZ-NM Book Awards.

Jennifer grew up in Texas and later moved with her husband to New Mexico, where they reared their son and daughter. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys brainteasers, word and number games, reading and, most of all, writing. Jennifer is an engaging speaker and workshop presenter. She is the co-author of “Write a Marketable Children’s Book,” a not-so-typical how-to write guide from two of the experts in the industry.

Learn more about author Jennifer McKerley by checking in with her blog and on social media here and here, where she and her writing partner, Shirley Raye Redmond, keep you up-to-date with their most recent tips about writing. Jennifer loves books and stories and hopes to inspire the same in others.