JUST CAN'T WRITE, BUT YOU WANT TO? - JenniferMcKerley.com
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So deep down inside, you really want to write?


But you don’t know how or where to begin. Or you just have the “no-confidence” blues and can’t seem to get back to what you started.


What can you do to make yourself get busy writing?


  • Forget about writing the story. Write why the story is fun or worthwhile.
  • Write a list of every action or scene or event you know has to take place in your story, even if you’ve already written some of the scenes.
  • Write down ten thoughts that your main character will need to have.
  • Take a walk and every time you see something red (pick a color), compose one sentence in your mind about your story.
  • Pretend your grandmother is listening as you explain the best parts of the story.
  • Go to your spice rack, pick a spice and smell it. Describe the scent to yourself. Put a little of the spice on your tongue. Describe the taste. Be elaborate and even a bit silly with your descriptions to trigger your creativity.
  • While sitting, close your eyes, reach to the left and touch or pick up something. With your eyes still closed, describe the feel of it. Now pick up something in front of you and to your right and describe them (eyes still closed).
  • Leave a voice message on your phone to yourself about the scene you’re most excited about writing and why you think it’s important in the story.
  • Pick books at random from your bookcase and read the beginning sentences of each one. Flip inside the books and read random scenes. Would one of your characters feel that way? Would a similar scene work in your story?
  • Get a family member or friend (writing friend especially) to read what you’ve written so far and give you feedback. Their comments and questions may spur you on.

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