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can you sell a book with a seasonal hook Tag

When I recently queried a Random House editor with a new nonfiction idea, I pitched the book as a fun resource for third or fourth grade teachers to use during a particular season.

I also mentioned that there were no books with my slant on the subject for that age group.

The editor responded, “I like the idea and think it would have a great seasonal hook.” Along with the editorial board, the editor is considering my idea, and I hope to get a go-ahead on the manuscript. Teachers buy books that link to curriculum topics--like seasons and holidays. But aren’t there too many seasonal books for kids already? There seems to be an endless list of books about Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July, etc. Just a search of “Easter books for kids" brought 1,222 hits. So how do you make your idea or manuscript a cut above the others an editor receives?