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Decipher the Mysteries of the Children's Book Market Tag

If you want to write children's books, you must do market research. This step is every bit as important as the actual weeks of writing and revision. My writing partner, Shirley Raye, always scopes out the market before a new project. Years ago she got an idea for a nonfiction book by reading Richard Ellis’s THE SEARCH FOR THE GIANT SQUID: THE BIOLOGY AND MYTHOLOGY OF THE WORLD’S MOST ELUSIVE SEA CREATURE. Recalling her own childhood interests, she knew inquisitive youngsters would relish a book about this fascinating creature. She spent her planning week in bookstores and the children’s section of the local library. Her research revealed there was no nonfiction reader for grades 2-4 about the squid. She read dozens of books aimed at kids in this age category. She studied the diction and sentence structure. She counted words, paragraphs, and pages. This intensive market analysis provided her with a suitable blueprint or pattern