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How to be Creative in a World of Conformity Tag

One of the most disappointing things I’ve seen as a workshop leader and former teacher is the lack of creativity in attendees or students. Too often, when asked to write a short story or develop a story plan for a novel, beginning writers turn in a modified version of a published story that is already popular—such as a watered down version of the Harry Potter or Twilight. Sadly, children usually turn in a “paraphrased” version of a television program. a movie or even a video game. But creativity is not a luxury--it’s a necessity. According to Marlene D. LeFever, author of Creative Teaching Methods, a well-nourished imagination promotes good judgment, originality and flexibility of thought. “While it’s true that in each century only a few incredibly gifted people...will be Albert Einsteins, Ben Franklins or C.S. Lewises...each of us can be more creative than we are now,” LeFever contends. The following are a few practical exercises that will tone your creative muscles:
  • Daydream.